Our log cabins now have hot tubs – with a view!

What better way to take in the setting sun than relaxing in a steaming hot tub overlooking nature’s finest farmlands? We thought the same! So, we decided to make it happen. Each of our log cabins now features its own private hot tub for our guests to enjoy.

The bubbling warm water from such hot tubs is renowned for a whole host of health benefits – from aiding stress relief and helping you to sleep more soundly, to helping reduce chronic pain such as that caused by arthritis.

Plus, whether you’re surrounded by fields of freshly fallen snow or the haze of a long summer’s day, there’s nothing quite so refreshing as soaking against a backdrop of nature! If you’d like to sink into your hot tub during your stay, you can do so for an additional fee of £50 for short breaks, or £80 if you’re here for a full week. We also take a damage deposit of £50 which will be returned upon successful checkout.

P.S. we appreciate hot-tubbing is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we’ve made it an optional add-on to your booking.