Welcome to our

Blackthorn Gate’s luxury log cabins at Eastfield Farm.

A family farm turned rural retreat

Once upon a time, we (Mike, Rita and sons) stumbled upon a picture-perfect farm for sale: lamb-filled land, corn fields swaying, rolling green pastures stretching to the horizon. That was back in 2001, when we took our love of the great outdoors to new heights by buying said farm.

Fast forward to 2018, and we now have the opportunity to share this blissful haven of tranquility with you. Nestled at the foot of the distinctively jagged Roseberry Topping, our log cabins bring you to the very doorstep of North Yorkshire. We hope you enjoy basking in its beauty as much as we do!

Our exclusive angle on angling

After settling into Eastfields Farm, we decided to take a new plunge into the realm of fishing. Following much toil and muddying of wellies, we created seven glistening ponds on our estate.

Keeping inline with our passion for nurturing nature, we set aside four of the ponds for wildlife which have since become a habitat for many bird and insect species. The other three ponds we populated with a range of fish including carp, chub, bream, tench, roach and crucian carp; the largest of these (then 3lb) are still swimming happily today!

Our fishing ponds are reserved for use by Blackthorn Gate guests and a small selection of our close friends: they’re closed to the public! As such, if you do decide to don your fishing hat during your stay with us, you can look forward to blissful peace and quiet.

Click here to download our Fishery Rules (PDF)

Nearest fishing tackle shops

Anglers Choice (6 MILES AWAY)
98 Cumberland Rd, Middlesbrough, TS5 6PW
tel 01642 850428

Anglers Place (7 MILES AWAY)
5 Bow Street, Guisborough, TS14 6BP
tel 01287 635959

Both shops are well stocked and sell maggots

North Yorkshire by foot

Renowned for its mesmerising amethyst-flecked heather hue which stretches across vast moorlands before cascading out to sea-washed cliffs, the North York Moors National Park is a place of rugged natural beauty. Whether you choose to admire your surroundings from our farm estate or decide to go further afield, there’s a lot worth seeing.

Here at Eastfields Farm, you can enjoy two public footpaths which meander through the fields. Take the eastward path and you’ll reach the foot of the towering Roseberry Topping; from the top, you’ll get panoramic views worth stopping to catch your breath for. Take the northward path and you’ll find yourself at Nunthorpe Train Station, from which you can reach a wealth of places.

Alternatively, if you want to get to the heart of the North York Moors, take a drive out to places such as Whitby - the seaswept, idyllic coastal town crowned by crumbling abbey ruins which inspired Stoker’s Dracula castle. If you’d like more inspiration for your explorations while staying with us, simply ask - we’re happy to help!

A Wedding to Remember

Let nature pose the perfect backdrop for your special day with our exclusive wedding venue.